Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss


Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss – A Few Delicious Juice Recipes for Shedding Pounds

Perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to losing weight is making sure your results are permanent and that you don’t fall into the cycle of losing weight, letting yourself go, and getting it back. One way to make sure your results are there to stay is to make some long-lasting changes to your lifestyle, more precisely, to your diet. While it may sound like a drag, it is important to eat healthy and provide your body with what it needs in order to function... however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat day once in a while and gorge yourself in the foods you love. In any case, the concept of juicing for weight loss has been adopted by countless people who are trying to drop the pounds, and what follows are a few juicing recipes which you can use to create delicious and nutritious juices to include in your diet.

Veggies and Fruits Working Together

Before getting into the recipe, it should be noted that these juice mixtures don’t really have names, so you can dub them as you wish. This first recipe requires you to have a cucumber of two to four inches, a long broccoli stalk, ten baby carrots, half an apple and half an unpeeled lemon. Simply juice the ingredients one by one, mix them all together, and enjoy this tasty mixture which only has 135 calories in it.

A Balanced Mixture

For this recipe you will need to fill a small cup with spinach, a few inches of summer squash, a few inches of cucumber, ten to fifteen baby carrots, half an apple and half a lemon with the peel still on. Apart from being very nutritious, this mixture is perfect for those who like their juices a bit on the sweet side, courtesy of the summer squash. This drink contains a total of only 110 calories.

The Sweet Tooth’s Solution

Believe it or not this recipe is even sweeter than the last one, requiring two cups of spinach, half a beet, half an unpeeled lemon (once again), and one whole jimaca, which is a starchy and sweet vegetable that is very hydrated and perfect for being used in a juice. You don’t even need to peel it before processing it. Just like the previous drink, this once contains a total of 110 calories.

Berries and Fruits

The final recipe which will be discussed here will yield you a sweet juice with a hint of orange in it. All you need to make it are ten to fifteen strawberries, about thirty to forty raspberries, and one peeled orange. Simply juice them and mix them all together. Apart from being used as a juice, it is also perfect to give your ice cream a bit more flavor, not to mention you could even use it to make some delicious freezer pop. One drink contains a total of 140 calories and actually fills you up pretty well.

And so, as you can see there is really no lack of ways you can use juicing for weight loss to your advantage; there are hundreds, if not thousands of other recipes for you to use and inspire yourself from out there, so you really don’t have any excuse not to start drinking healthier right now, or as soon as you get a juicing machine at least.

Juicing for Weight Loss
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